Charity concert “Songs for a Soldier” to take place at Ämari Air Base for the first time


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The stage of this year’s charity concert “Songs for a Soldier” will be set up at the Ämari Air Base, where beloved Estonian singers will perform with the Estonian Military Orchestra. While Ines and Karl-Erik Taukar have already delighted the audience on previous occasions, the rest of the artists, Alika Milova, Duo Ruut, René Soom, villemdrillem and Suured tüdrukud, will perform at the concert for the first time. “Songs for a Soldier” will reach the audience on the evening of 22 June via Kanal 2 and on the website of Postimees.

“I am very proud of Estonian people and companies who have reached out a helping hand over the years, so that the children of those wounded or killed in our military missions can receive support for their education. Singing and music have always united the Estonians, and I am happy to enjoy this wonderful concert with the artists, members of the Defence Forces and allied soldiers in Ämari,” says Alar Karis President of the Republic of Estonia and patron of the Carolin Illenzeer Fund.

The charity concert “Songs for a Soldier” is taking place for the 11th time this year. With donations collected through the concert, the Carolin Illenzeer Fund supports the educational and recreational activities of the children of the severely injured or fallen soldiers. The fund currently supports 64 children sharing a sad fate, as one of their parents has fallen or been injured while defending Estonia.

Performing in support of the children will be several beloved Estonian musicians, including one of the most popular Estonian singers, Ines; the winner of the Superstar 2021 competition, Alika Milova; one of the most acclaimed male vocalists, Karl-Erik Taukar; the internationally renowned traditional music ensemble Duo Ruut; the baritone soloist at the Estonian National Opera, René Soom; rapper villemdrillem and Suured tüdrukud (Kaire Vilgats and Dagmar Oja). The singers will be accompanied by the Estonian Military Orchestra conducted by Teet Raik.

Organised by the Carolin Illenzeer Fund, the charity concert “Songs for a Soldier” is taking place for the 11th time. The event first took place in 2012 at the Endla Theatre in Pärnu. Concerts have been traditionally tied to the place chosen for the Victory Day parade that year. In 2020, due to the spread of COVID-19, the parade was cancelled and the concert took place at Tapa Military Base for the first time. In 2021 it was held at the Naval Base in the Mine Harbour in Tallinn. This year’s concert will be recorded on 16 June at the Ämari Air Base, which is also the base for one of the aviation corps of NATO’s Baltic Air Policing mission. The event will be broadcast on the evening of 22 June via Kanal 2 and on the Postimees website. For the first time, the concert can be also listened to on Kuku Raadio on the evening of 23 June.

The Fund was named after Carolin Illenzeer, daughter of First Sergeant Arre Illenzeer who was killed during the foreign mission in Iraq in 2005. Back then, his friends and colleagues in the Defence Forces started supporting the family. However, as foreign missions continued and more sad news arrived, the Carolin Illenzeer Fund was established to help families in a similar situation. The fund supports the educational and recreational activities of the children on its list.

The charity concert “Songs for a Soldier” is organised in cooperation with the Estonian Defence Forces, Kanal 2 and Postimees. The concert is supported by Graanul Invest, Baltic Workboats, Tallink and Synlab.

Over-the-phone donations can be made all year round by calling on the numbers below:

900 6705 – 5 euros

900 6715 – 20 euros

900 6735 – 50 euros

Transfers can also be made to the Fund’s bank account:

SA Carolin Illenzeeri Fond

IBAN: EE687700771001314163


Further information:

Iti Aavik

+372 5346 2209

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